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Well that's a nice thing to get.

Just got a cheque in the post for £1,245.78 from my late grand father’s will.

Apparently it was shared out amongst his siblings, then passed down.

My mum had two children, me and my sister,

Paul, son, one child,

Dawn, youngest daughter, one child and

Elaine, middle daughter, four children.

My sister and I got a cheque for £1,245 each, but not one for my step-brother. Though grand father saw him as family, his will was lost and the executor (Elaine’s husband) don’t see my step-brother as family.


So my sister and I are sharing our money with my step-brother.

Why do families have to be so crap.

Oh well, a couple of hundred are going on car supplies. Yay.

Here’s some light humour.

Bulk buying in Germany
In Germany the authorities see the bulk buying of sausages and cheese as a Wurst kase scenario


Why the shortage of Toilet Rolls??
If one person coughs, half a dozen people **** themselves

with everyone now washing their hands, has anyone else noticed the peanuts at the bar taste different?


Did you hear they have had to shut down John Lennon Airport due to the Corona Virus?
....Imagine all the people.

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