Driving home from work tonight, all of the sudden the brake pedal got mushy. It stayed remarkably consistently mushy the rest of the way home. I never had to pump the brakes or anything, but the pedal travel increased a lot. I limped it home and didn’t hit anything (dual circuit master cylinder FTW!). I quickly grabbed my truck and went to pick my daughters. When I came home, I spotted the puddle underneath the rear end. After the girls went to bed, I headed out to the garage, with the bigger puddle on the floor.

Looks to be coming from the top of the pumpkin.

A view from the drivers side. The picture doesn’t show it very well, but there appears to be a junction block up there. I’m wondering if that’s leaking, or more likely the flex line that goes to it that is leaking.


So, balls. Anybody have any advice on how to get to this thing? I know we have some former B-body owners here. I hope I don’t have to drop the rear end to do it. That would suck.