What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

S, my grandparents have this problem. They never leave the house at the same time unless they’re going somewhere together, so their second vehicle just sits in the driveway and does nothing. Ever. However, I inadvertently helped them solve this problem when I got into my accident. Long story short, they’re just GIVING me their truck. It’s not exactly a beater or anything, either. They really wanted to sell it. I never would have even asked for a discount if I were to buy it, let alone the whole thing for free. So.... wow. I’m getting a first-gen (not sure on the year) Chevy Colorado. It’s like this, but with the super short cab.

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68,000 miles, only 10k on the current tires, one owner, well maintained. It’s worth a whole lot more than nothing, but it’ll be mine! I’m definitely going to treat them to something nice next time I visit.

Now, there’s the issue of bringing it home. It’s in Milan, Michigan. I’m in Norcross, Georgia. You may notice that those are different states. Do you have any recommendations of a good shipper, or would it be cheaper to fly up and drive it home myself?

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