In my never ending search of more power, speed, and new ways to not save money I came across something that I did not anticipate. I began my search for E92 M3's and gen 5 Camaro ZL1's. Both have depreciated into the $30-40k range but decided that the Camaro’s interior is unbearable (I sell new Chevy’s and the gen 6 is a million times better) and in the case of the E92 that I would rather spend the extra $20-30k on my E46.

That brings us to this evening when on my drive home I thought early R35 GT-R’s must have depreciated to similar levels...Well I was fucking WRONG. Most are $60k range for a 6-9 year old car with 30-70k miles, that is just bananas. I was convinced they would be hanging in the $35-45k range. I’m getting back on the R32 GT-R train now.


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