My name is Mike. My email at the job I started about a month and a half ago has my name on outgoing messages as Michael. I interact with lots of people in this job, and they keep calling me Michael because that's the name they see in their inbox. This is annoying. Not even my mom calls me Michael.

I tried changing this in Outlook, but no such luck. It's blocked. I asked the IT guy at my office what I need to do to change it to Mike. He said I need to ask the office manager lady, who has to fill out a bunch of paperwork, which she then files with corporate, and then the local IT guy can put in the work order with corporate IT, who will probably take about a week to actually make the change after the work order is put in.

Then I went to the office manager lady, who says yes, she needs to fill out the paperwork, but "HR frowns on people using shortened versions of their names on their email." Which, I mean, what? I can't have the name I actually want to be called by on my email? The guy in the next office over from me is named Ted, which I'm sure is short for something, and his email says Ted on it. Even my business cards say Mike on them. Come on, give me my Mike email!

So now I have to wait for the office manager lady to do her paperwork with corporate, hope that nobody says "well he can't use a shortened name," which if that makes it through my local IT guy will submit the request to corporate IT, then I wait for corporate IT to make the change, unless someone at that point blocks me from using a shortened name.


This all makes about as much sense as the dashboard on a 70s/80s Citroen.

UPDATE: I talked more with the office manager lady. Who's not my boss. I'm a director and she's like a fancy admin. She said that the only process she knows of is to submit some stupid carbon copy form to corporate HR to officially change my name in all things to do with the company to Mike, and she's sure that corporate HR will turn down that request since Mike isn't my legal name. I asked her if the Ted guy who works in the next office over from mine's full name is Ted and she said it's Theodore. So how did Ted get his email display name as Ted? She didn't know.


I found the corporate IT trouble ticket system and just submitted my request to change my email display name and nothing else. We'll see if that accomplishes anything.