And this, kids, is why signaling when on a bike is important. Heading down a country dirt road and I come up behind a guy on a Ninja going a bit slow. After following him for a little ways he pulled over to the right side of the road and slowed down. I begin to pass on the left, and as I get alongside him he crosses the road and attempts entry into a driveway on the left. My civic, being rather large and rather solid, did an effective job of stopping him. He was unharmed, as was the passenger sitting in my car behind the door that he hit. We exchanged insurance info, and I assured him that I wouldn’t be filing a claim since the damage to my car wasn’t really worth fixing and, honestly, I sympathized with him and didn’t want his insurance costs to skyrocket. I wasn’t going to be home for quite a few hours anyways to file a claim even if I wanted to.

An hour later I got a new claim notice email on my phone from Progressive.

So now I’m filing a claim against him.

Pre-emptive answer to “why didn’t you call the cops”: middle of nowhere on a country road in 100+ degrees with no shade and an accident that I considered minor. His bike suffered only a slightly tweaked shifter pedal and some very minor edge scrapes on the fairings.


So now I have all of this shit to deal with. yaaaaaaaaay.