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Well, that's nice. Lets go Extreme.

I’ve heard about a certain article. The writer needs to show me the way. They needs to attempt to change the city they lives in. If not, all they do is write words.

If she was committed to the idea she would be working on it right now. She would also address OTHER peoples needs that won’t be served by her plan.


People have been fighting for their own betterment for a long time. Problem is she doesn’t address anybody else’s needs that don’t work in her plan.

Reminds me of a Orange Haired Blowhard with simple answers.

Change NOW to suit my point of view. People have been doing that for a long time.


Props to a certain LaneSplitter for trying to get a consensus, So all the Elected officials can’t say that they have to protect their Sub-set of Voters,(Read Big Money).

I agree that we need to do something in High Density areas. I live 20 miles west of Sacramento. I used to be able to see the Snow on the Sierras on clear days. I can’t since about 20 years ago. Just Brown smog, we all breathe that.

But it has to work for everyone. Means we need to phase it in so as not leave anybody behind.

Ask the Govenator about not compromising.

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