It seems like every time I take my kids to the doctor they have more paperwork for me to fill out. And every time, they give me a form that says, “I have received the Notice of Privacy Practices etc.” I refuse to sign the form until they actually give me a copy, since a copy is never included with the paperwork, nor are the privacy practices posted in the office. The desk staff always look a bit befuddled when somebody actually asks to see it.

Since I asked for it, I figured I’d go ahead and read it. I’ve seen the statements about Protective Services for the President (though I’m not sure how the government knowing that my cholesterol is high will be necessary for national security), but this time, I noticed a new line added to the bottom of the list:

Illustration for article titled Well, thats rather vague

“A person of persons able to prevent or lessen a serious threat to health or safety.”

Which means, I suppose, that they can release my medical records to just about anybody for just about any reason.


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