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Well, the little Minolta officially has me hooked

On film that is. My dad shot film until a few years ago, but I never had much interest in it until this thing. I actually have the little Opus point and shoot to thank for this, but the Minolta is the thing that’s really got me hooked. I’ve been on about a two week binge of info and reviews of more cameras, in an effort to find an ideal, affordable SLR. I’m loving the Hi-Matic, but now I want something with aperture priority ability.


It seems while I’m still ahead of the curve on Hi-Matic AF2 popularity and prices, I’ve missed the boat on the more well-known Minolta cameras. Still, they seem to offer more bang for the buck than their contemporary Nikons and Canons.

My reading has got me narrowed down (mostly) to either an XE-7, or an XD11 (also called XD7)


XD11s usually show up cheaper, but there’s something about the XE-7 that really works for me.

Another possibility is if an old friend of my dad still has my dads old Fujica ST801


It’s weird, I’ve spent years looking up cars for sale multiple times a day, but now I’m suddenly looking up old cameras at least half of that time instead.

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