We were holding out hope that the '06 Pilot would be fixable, after talking to the adjustor. However, my dad got the call today that there were $16k in damages. They offered $9600. We all think that's horseshit so I printed out some values online, along with a page from AutoTrader. I think it could have been sold for $12k the day before the crash and there were new tires that weren't even a month old! My mom wants a Beige/Amber colored '15 Pilot w/leather, though keeps saying she would drive something cheaper (I told her "If you are going to have payments for 3-4 years, you might as well get something you are happy with. You might say cloth is ok now, but next year I know you will be regretting it. Same with buying a smaller car") I'm trying to find a used Pilot, but they usually have too many miles or seem too expensive for what they are. I've been meaning to post pictures, but I haven't had the chance to download them to my computer.