The BMW shall depart.

Sold it last night for 4 bills of Canadian pesos. It was fun flogging it, getting it to pass 390K KM, and it still asked for more. Still runs like a top, and probably will for another decade. Good thing the new owner has the same plan I had. daily drive it and flog it around a track later on. maintenance costs were getting to the point that I couldnt keep the Civic and the BMW. So I sold the worse car (BMW in this case).

however... I got a replacement. Much cheaper to maintain this lil bugger. just got it home this evening. Glaring issue is that the exhaust rusted out and it sounds LOUD. Louder than the muffler delete the BMW had (which actually didn’t sound bad). Time to register it first thing tomorrow. Toss some larger wheels I got kicking around and it’ll look a bit more decent.