So last week my car decided to start to run rough and misfire a bit. It’s done it before so I wasn’t too concerned. However this time I got some lean bank codes as well as misfires. I was close to home so I limped it back to the garage and figured I’d have to replace more coil packs and plugs. I had erased the error codes before I brought it home and the lean codes didn’t come back.


I replace the coil packs and put in new plugs. And I make sure to clean the oil out of the plug wells while I’m in there to keep the new coils from being damaged until I can replace the valve cover gaskets at a later date. Fire it up and still runs like shit at idle, but seems to do better at higher rpms. Back to the google for some research.

I’m thinking the main fuel pump might be the issue due to the symptoms with the idle running rough and the higher revs seem to clear out the misses. Also the two pumps in the tank run at startup for about 30 seconds, and during that time, the car doesn’t miss, but once it drops into idle, it’s all kinds of rough. By this time though I’m just wore out and planned to throw in the towel. I had the car scheduled for a CV boot repair on Tuesday anyway, and this being Sunday night, I figured, I’ll just have it towed and the Indy shop can diagnose.

So I get the photos above in an email from the service writer. They had found the

Vacuum leak, which explains the lean codes earlier and when they checked where the smoke was coming from, they found the roller rocker askew in a place it shouldn’t be. Good times. I get to be that, we’ve never seen this before guy. And don’t we all love to be that guy? Oh well, no telling how long it’s been dislodged or how deep the damage goes. They go in Monday to explore a bit more. I’m just hoping the cam isn’t damaged and it’s just the roller rocker.


At least they found the problem.  I would’ve never thought to look there.  

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