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Well there. That explains a couple of things.

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I’ve been trying to figure out for a few weeks why my front left brakes were making a horrible grinding sound. The front rotors calipers and pads we’re all done last summer. I couldn’t find anything wrong.


Friday the noise went away. Awesome, right?

Saturday the truck started honking “Service Brake System” at me. The fluid in the master was low. It wasn’t a brake line, those were all redone a year and a half ago. I parked it and left it for my favorite indie mechanic. I wasn’t interested in tackling this job on my own.


Whelp, despite the sound really really sounding like it came from the front, it was really the rear left grinding. It stopped because the wheel cylinder got over extended and blew out. Saturday the fluid level had gone down enough to be detected by the truck.

Learned some stuff from this one!

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