In this night's Top Gear a huge argument about the actual weight if the Alfa 4C broke out, with Jeremy claiming that Alfa doesn't actually reveal it's curb weight. Hmmm.... sounds a bit made up. Went on to watch the new episode of 5th Gear, and there you have it. Vicky claims it's 920kg. Someone is lying, and my bet is that it's not Vicky. As much as I love TG, it's stuff like this that puts people off. What for?

The whole Porsche/Ferrari/McLaren thing is probably scripted as well, just to build up momentum for the final episode.

It's been clear that TG has been all about show for quite a while now, and that they don't let actual facts come in their way, but I'm afraid that them turning the nonsense to 11 might do more damage to than help expand the brand.

#just my $0.02