Since yesterday, the mandatory amount of alcohol in brazilian gasoline went up to 27% on all types of gas, save for Podium, which will remain at 25% for the time being. Even though ethanol is cheaper than gas here in Brazil, prices also went up, in yet another attempt at curbing the massive losses following the corruption and bribe schemes at Petrobrás. As if that wasn't bad enough, the government openly admitted they have no fucking idea how harmful the new blend will be to gasoline-only engines, so they recommended that owners of vehicles equipped with such engines switch to the aforementioned Podium gasoline, a fuel grade sold only by Petrobrás and costing over 4.10 reais per LITRE.

Interestingly enough, Hot Rod and its sister publications recently ran an article outlining how ethanol could harm engines not designed for it, with noticeable damage starting at 10% ethanol, and how some states are activelly trying to pass legislation that would force stations to offer at least one type of ethanol free gasoline. Meanwhile in Brazil, we're getting more and more of it forced down our throats, along with price increases, so we can foot the bill of our government's embezzlement. I only hope my Fiat can survive all this shit, because my savings have not.