BTW these two (DeNofa in the BMW and Tyler in the Camaro) ended up going one more time. It was just as spectacular.


Needless to say DeNofa wasn't able to continue.

Poor, poor Matt Fields. I'm not sure how to feel about the OMT call (watching that set of tandems again would probably confirm the suppositions he should have won it), but damn if his first chase wasn't the tightest shit I don't know what entertains you. Even if Fields managed to beat Chris Forsberg and go on to claim first event win from Vaughn Gittin Jr. Still even if Fields won it's pretty clear by now those two (and maybe Moen if something crazy happens) are going to be the ones fighting for the championship. With three rounds completed and Vaughn being able to bring the deficit between him and Chris to 10 points (which isn't a lot given you get a 100 for 1st and 80 points for 2nd), so it should be close all season. In the meanwhile it should be fun seeing Alec Hohnadell and Geoff Stoneback fight for rookie of the year. Alec qualified 10th (out of 40 + cars) only for his S14 to DNSS right as Top 32 began. Meanwhile Stoneback managed land himself into the great 8(!!!) and give Fields a pretty good fight.

A couple more things

What the fuck is happening to Essa.

I didn't see his top 32 run, but apparently Fields wiped the floor with him. While I do not want to say car he's having trouble with his E46 M3 (though a bad sparkplug ended up with Essa having to skip his first qualifying run) because it ran fine almost the entirety of his 2013 championship season. Maybe this is karma for leaving GSR Autosport and starting his own shop, which he did for reasons I still do not know.


J.R. "I almost won Indy" Hildebrand (who actually competed a couple times last year) made a pretty good point on Twitter;


Seems pretty fair to say. Both Darren Mcnnamara and Dai Yoshihara, when not sidelined by mechanical problems, haven't really done much this year. Despite Darren saying he has the "most powerful car in FD" (really hasn't looked the case), frankly it seems added weight, heat, turbo lag, boost threshold, plumbing and unreliability is making this route a pretty poor one. Honestly I don't know if an turbo V8 powered car (can we just call them LSes because thats what 95% of them are) has made it to the great 8 this year. Speaking of turbos....

Diago Saito needs a completely new car

His trusty SC300, the same car that launched horsepower arms race which resulted in nearly everyone bumping the power output of their car to at least 700+ HP (most have a good 800) is a beaten sack of shit now. The reliability problems, which appeared to stop at Irwindale last year, have now come back with a vengeance. Every round so far he's had a mechanical hiccup, and now it's gotten to the point were he wasn't even able to qualify. Like I said, the man needs a new car.


Homestead sucks

One guy in the Wreaked Magazine comments said the second clipping point ruined anyone trying to do an aggressive chase run and that overall FD fucked up a great track. While I do agree with the clipping points comment, frankly I think the overall track is shit. It's like a mix between Wall and Texas Motor Speedway, only with all the best parts taken out. Even the fans were pretty shitty. They almost never cheered, which is a stark contrast to what it was like out at Atlanta. The only thing Homestead had going for it was the rundown between turns 2 and 3, which just so happens to feature pretty much all of the track's elevation change. In general FD needs to find tracks that have more natural elevation change. In the meanwhile if they really want a Florida round Daytona with the bus stop would be pretty cool.


Wow I really need to start studying for exams . Seriously I just wrote all this shit on drifting and I haven't even gone over some of my English stuff. Maybe after I'm done with school I should start a drifting blog on Kinja? I do end up writing a lot about this stuff....

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