I like to keep a set of tools in my vehicle, a little bit beyond the basic. Basically I want to have what I’d need to pull most small parts in a junkyard. Right now I’m using an old Klein Tools backpack I got back when I worked for Pirtek, but I recently discovered that Veto Pro Pac bags are a thing and good god.

This one is their ‘flagship’ Tech Pac bag, which I picked up used for a fantastic price on eBay. New they go for around $260, I got this one for $60, and I feel pretty great about it now that I see it.

Here’s the front main tool compartment, which can hold quite a lot of stuff. It’s extremely heavily built, everything is beautifully stitched and made of really great feeling materials.


This is neat, the shoulder straps are attached to this metal piece (by some really nice, thick leather), which is attached to the handle. You can lay down the handle, pick that piece up, and remove the straps so you can easily open the rear compartment.

Yeah, that’s the one. This thing is serious as a god damn heart attack, and I love it. Super heavy nylon straps, leather holding the sides together, metal d rings, a super thick plastic base. It’s so overbuilt, which to me makes it just right.


I’ll spend some time tomorrow moving stuff from my Klein bag, and then I’ll get a Harbor Freight shopping list together to really fill it out.

This reminds me, I’ve been meaning to do a write up of my EDC ‘get home bag’ as well. I’ll have to do that this week.