Well this is crap... (stolen tires)

I went to go put on the summer tires for both vehicles. It turns out some idiot stole one tire (with rim) for each vehicle.

Several months ago there was a rash of break-ins in the neighborhood, including the house next to ours. (We live in a basement suite that backs out on to the back alley). We didn't notice anything missing at the time, and didn't think much of it.

On Saturday I went to go take the winter tires off both vehicles and replace them with the usual all-seasons that we use the rest of the year. Unfortunately one tire (with rim) was missing from each vehicle, so I couldn't do either car. We figured the landlord may have shuffled some things around, as they were stored in a closed storage area under the rear stairs of the house. It turns out the landlord hasn't touched them. Some idiot must have stolen them, thinking that they were the same, when they aren't even the same bolt pattern (one's a 4 bolt and the other is a 5 bolt). My wife's tires (of which there are three left) are really quite new, so I might be able to get away buying just one new tire and rim for her car. My tires had a fair bit of wear on them. I've only been running winter tires on the front, and keeping a full-size all-season in the trunk instead of the regular donut-spare. So now this leaves us with:

4 brand new winter tires with rims (currently on the Cavalier)
3 very new all-seasons, with rims
2 heavily worn winter tires (on the front of the Civic)
3 fairly worn all-seasons, on rims (two on the rear of the Civic, and one in the trunk).


I was really hoping that they weren't stolen. So some idiot out there now has two mis-matched tires and rims. I've been reading through Kijiji to see if I can find them, but chances are slim. That being said, there are a TON of tires and rims on there.

Anyone care to offer some tire advice? I'll be needing new winter tires this season, so I could finish running my winter tires on the front until then. I should probably replace the all-seasons as well, and I've been wanting to get winter tires on all 4 corners of the Civic.

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