Michaela is okay. Things got a bit crazy on a divided highway here through Wichita and the Miata got balled up. Insurance stuff is in the works and I’m picking up a rental tomorrow. Not sure what I’ll be replacing it with; probably not a Miata. Just put tires on the stupid thing last week, too.

Clarification edit: Michaela was driving home, I was at work. Motorcycle must have not seen tiny car next to him and entered her lane in traffic (60mph) causing her to swerve left into the wall then spin across traffic and hit the trucks. Motorcycle didn't stop, no proof of his involvement so it'll likely be a massive dent in my insurance. Dunno what I'll replace it with. Insurance is covering rental, doctor visits (she is there now), etc. Tomorrow I'll go look at it and see if the drivetrain looks salvageable in which case I MAY buy it back to part out. Hardtop is split. Wheels are curb rashed and my brand new tires are off the bead.