Autosport is reporting that some of the teams have made a request to the FIA that they ban "boring" engineer to driver communications, so that the driver is more on his own to race the car.

Wait, what?

Which teams are requesting this?

Formula 1 chiefs are considering a team radio clampdown as part of a push to make the sport more challenging for drivers again, AUTOSPORT can reveal.

Following discussions at an F1 Strategy Group meeting at the Italian Grand Prix, it is understood a number of teams have asked the FIA to find a way of banning certain types of radio communications because they are considered a turn-off for fans.

The radical push has been prompted by the theory that a perception that drivers are 'puppets' who simply follow instructions from the pits is one of the factors in F1's popularity decline.

There is also particular concern that drivers are relying more and more on information from the pits about where they can gain laptime, especially in comparison with their team-mates.

This is especially true of championship contenders Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton, who have both been fed constant information by Mercedes this season.…

*What I find stupid about it is that they are looking to solve a problem that they all created. Make cars complicated, give drivers ability to change 100 different settings on the fly, analyze car telemetry and have driver change settings to go faster, save tires or fuel - now they want to stop it because it's "boring" to the fans?