Well, this is unfortunate. Much like the leading title of Oppositelock says today, tiger off is breaking. My end is near. It was fun participating here. No more is there a set of routine on when I check up on here, unfortunately. I'll probably give it 'til tomorrow morning to see what happens. I'll leave contact info after the jump.

My username is literally my name online. Fortunately, if you google it, you find me in a strong number of ways. Unfortunately, none of the search results present highly active parts of my online life. Except for maybe twitter, which I use once in a blue moon.

You can find me on tumblr at thelatenightlife, cargifs, or 6speedhaven. My PSN is blunion05 (I only play GT6, so don't ask me to play anything else). Just let me know who you are if you message or add me! Keep me updated on any GT6 races y'all plan!

I'll probably drop by still, but only to find entertainment from Doug Demuro's articles. Here's a tune that I listen to when I look back on some good times.


I hope we all live out our car dreams someday.