After over two months of planning, travelling, negotiating, pleading and just plain getting it done...we are done. Our old lives have largely been shed.

Our home of 13 odd years has got new owners who are itching to move in. Equally, we are itching to spend the money they eagerly gave us for it.

And today, after a week of effort at trying to pack, the removalists came and finished the job. In just five hours...

I sit here alone, on the floor, with my long neck of home brew. I both commiserate myself for the aches I have earned and steel myself for the 930 km drive I do tomorrow.


Plus I get to drive back here on Friday to do the vacuuming, pick up the extraneous leavings and dispose of the dregs. Another 930 km. But then (after another 930 km) life!!! And I’ll finally get to be with my family!!!!!!