Well, this should be interesting...

I am probably going to use my organ donor status then.

Its a Hyosung GT250R, a buddy gave it to me as he is done messing with it, and i cant say no to free. Looks like the fuel cock is bad and needs to be rebuilt. Ordering the parts tonight, then flush the crank case (was FILLED with gas) with oil and do an oil change. I'll probably also get my motorcycle license too, oh and a helmet, evidently those are useful as well.


I do have the fairings as well, they are just cracked (he laid it down once) and I haven't decided whether I will leave them off or not. Its a 2009, caurberated, and the tires are pretty much new. Its my first bike, second caurberated vehicle, and hopefully will be a fun little commuter. Any tips? Anybody own a similar bike? I probably need some advice on the fuel cock and maintenance in general. Halp?

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