I had a light fender bender (no pun intended) today.

There was monster traffic on the A6 Autobahn, and when I finally got out of it I was behind a Ford Focus Wagon Turbo Diesel Manual (go ahead and cream your pants) on an intersection. The Focus driver was waiting for a Benz to clear the intersection, and when the Benz did he started moving...


But then stopped! WTF! I was following the Focus but looking to my left to check for oncoming traffic behind the Benz. I noticed at the very last second that the Ford had stopped but it was too late. The front left corner of my bumper made contact with the rear right of his, and I lost my headlight glass in the process.

The Polizei gave me a 35 Euro ticket and no points on my license because it was such a light accident, and my insurance will cover the Focus. I'll have to get a headlight glass (22 Euro) and bumper (92 Euro) out of pocket...

Next time I'll remind myself to leave more room between my car and the next one...


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