My wife called this afternoon, saying the Explorer overheated on her way home from work, then started running really rough. She pulled over, let it cool down for a 1/2 hour, then tried to get home. She didn’t make it

She got another mile down the road, and it started overheating, and she made it to a parking lot before it died again. My dad was able to pick her up and get her home, as I was at an appraisal class till 4pm. I picked her up at home, and went to the truck to take a look. No coolant in the reserve tank, no coolant in the radiator. Great. I poured in 2.5 gallons in the radiator and tried to nurse it back home. We got maybe another mile down the road, and it died, hard. Smoke, smoke and more smoke from under the hood. Opened her up, and pulled the dip stick. Yeah, not good at all.


Anyone want a 2000 Ford Explorer with 160K on the clock, a rusty as shit under carriage and a blown head gasket?? Anyone??