I just told my roommate that I’m moving back in with my parents in December because I won’t be able to afford rent when it goes up again after the lease is up. Here are the facts:

She pays nothing. I’m letting her live here for free.

She has three and a half months to find a new place.

She has a job and a car.

So, what’s the problem? Hell if I know. She just stormed out the door after cursing me out for being “selfish.” I found out TODAY that my dad has been secretly helping me with my credit card bills and I owe him a significant amount of money. That’s what made me certain I have to move. Until now, I had no idea that I can’t afford this place. I’ve explained this to her multiple times. There was literally no way I could have told her this earlier because it wasn’t a thing until now.


I don’t know what to do. She’s acting like this is the end of the world. She’s mad at me when it’s kind of her own fault that she hasn’t been looking for a place to stay, even though I told her when she moved in that she would only be living with me until she found one. I can’t deal with this right now, but I need to.

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