Well this sucks.

A few weeks ago, my car refused to start. I thought the problem was a bad fuel pump at first, but it wasn’t. It was a combination of the battery not having a tight enough connection and the fact that I’m a moron who doesn’t know how to start classic cars in the cold, and had therefore flooded the engine. Some minor adjustments and spark plug cleaning later, the engine runs but it runs like crap and stalls every time I make a right turn. Messed with the carburetor for a while with no improvement, and found and fixed a leaking fuel line, but the mystery still wasn’t solved. Now I’ve done a compression test, and... ouch. So that’s why it runs like crap. I’ve never tackled a project this big before, so that’ll be interesting. I guess I won’t be able to drive Phoebe for a while, though :(


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