After four years in a tumultous marriage to a mentally ill woman, including the adoption of her son, I packed my stuff and got out this weekend.  Mental and physical abuse, constant warfare in the house, it was a bad as one can imagine.  She will never agree, but this situation was going to destroy our son’s life, not to mention ours.  I had no choice.  But now I wait as she threatens to “ruin my life” and “get me” for what I did.  Looks like a long crappy road ahead, but I know that I only stayed as long as I did because I was a afraid how bad it would be and finally realized that short-term craziness and suffering through whatever the break-up and divorce brings will definitely be better than staying.  She will poison my son against me, and try to keep him from me, and whatever else hellish crap she will come up with, but I can’t do it anymore.  Doesn’t make the lost and adrift feeling any less intense though.  I’m drowning here.  Just wanted to vent.