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Well, this weekend's been a learning experience and a half.

I got into my first accident last night. I pulled into a space like King Dick, so I reversed to move the truck.... right into a parked car. I feel so, so brilliant.

AND THEN, today, stopped to get gas, pulled up too far, let it roll back with the clutch in, let off, APPARENTLY put it in neutral (I swear, I do not remember doing so), got out to pay for gas, couldn’t see it from inside, thought “Hmm, that’s odd”, and walk out to see it AT THE ENTRANCE TO THE GAS STATION. Thank Christ nobody was behind it.

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Ugh. On the bright side, if my math is right, even occasionally driving slightly foolishly (not dangerously, just not efficiently), I’m still averaging 19mpg. So there’s that.

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