I was in my work car, driving especially carefully due to rain, and a nagging feeling that something was off today. That nagging feeling was right. As I entered the intersection, in the Yaris, I had a green light. The Trax decided that was the perfect time to try to turn left.....I had basically no time to react, but was able to turn to the right enough to make it more of a deflection than a head on impact with her. It helped that I had slowed to about 45km/h (in a 50km/h zone) because this is a problematic intersection. Luckily the driver of the semi was a witness and gave a statement to the police in defense of me. I hit my head on the A-pillar, the air bag didn’t go off, and I may be mildly concussed. But that’s it, it could’ve been a lot worse. As much as I hate on the higher door sills, and larger pillars, I think they saved me from worse injury today.

Stay safe out there guys. People be dumb.