Warning: Feels Ahead.

The oldest of our two cats hasn’t been doing well for a few weeks now. She’s lost a ton of weight over the past year and has been stone deaf for almost 3 years. It was never an issue of quality of life. Shoot, with three boys under the age of 8 in the house, I think the deafness was a blessing for her.

This morning around 3 AM, the younger of the cats came into our room and meowed enough to wake us up. Usually, at that time of night, it’s to alert us that he is proud of a mouse he caught, or similar. This time, he went to the place the older cat sleeps and we found her not doing well. She died minutes later.

19.5 years. Long time. I’ve known her for 11.

Yesterday for the first time in ~6 years she wanted to go outside to sit in the sun. My wife sent me the picture posted here and said, “This is different.”


I think she just wanted one more good day.

My 5-year-old asked if he could plant flowers where we buried her. That broke my heart.

Godspeed, Keyser.