I'm just not sure if the outcome was positive or negative. Protests started at 6 pm, while I was in class, and I had no intention to join because fuck me if I have the time for that. Anyways, I left class about 30 minutes later and soon ran into a group marching along the Ipiranga avenue, but instead of taking the designated detour, me and the three colleagues that were riding with me decided we'd join the group. From inside the car. Yeah, the protests are no longer just about the raise in bus fares, and having a car around apparently really helps drive that point home.

So, on we marched, or rather rolled, along thecrowd, me, my colleagues and the Protester Tipo, honking and making a lot of noise to catch as much attention as possible. Of course, we eventually reached our exit and had to Split from the group, but it was fun I guess.

Anyways, after I got home, I went with my brother to Chris Cornell's acoustic concert on a theater across town. It was na almost perfect show guys, my bro even managed to grab a pick at the end, and every single store in the shopping mall adjoined to the theater was playing some form or another of Soundgarden or Audioslave as ambient music. The only thing that kept the concert from being truly perfect is that I didn't have cash for a ticket, so I was just a designated driver... Yeah, I know, it must be awesome to have me as a big brother.

The way home was a lot messier though. The protests had turned violent and, even though the theater is far away from the city center, my apartment is just a few blocks away, so my protest car turned getaway car sped, swerved and blew past red lights on the way home, probably waking up half the city and costing me my license in the process. Incidentally, if anyone needs a getaway driver, drop me a call. I may or may not have gone Hollywood on this shit.

Now I'm sitting here, tired but with 4 cups of coffee and a lot of adrenaline still running through my veins. I could've died guys, or worse, lost my car! I can't sleep after all that!