Well well well; what do we have here (about as good as it gets for a sub $10k auto)

I’m still contemplating and debating if replacing the beetle will be necessary. Here is the tough part; if I replace it, it will most likely be automatic and I want it to be cheaper than the beetle.

As they say in Minnesota: “uf da”

There are certainly good automatics out there but their existence under $10k is rare. People are now tuning the ZF 6 speed in 2006-2012 BMWs that by reviews gets good reviews(fast shifts and good manual control). But just straight up stock automatics in that price range you’ve also got the VW/Audi dsg in the GTI/GLI/A3 and the Mitsubishi lancer Ralliart.


Today I noticed a nice 328i coupe in a fun color with the sport package. It’s honestly the first car since selling the beetle that makes me think it would be a good add to the family garage.

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