have youever wondered what a mid 60's car would look like done up like a 50's Low Rider? the continental kit, the spot lights, lake pipe exhausts, duel antennas, skirted fenders. None of these would looks out of place on a 55 crown Vic, but a 65 Galaxie? I honeslty like it,and would drive it. The hard part is you cant get away with Patina on a car like this, everything needs to be glossy, chrome, and smooth. it needs air ride, and a Merlot colored silk panel roof too.

I’m just now realizing that these modifications wouldn’t be out of place on a 64 Impala either. Also i found this an its awful, but i had to see it so you should too.


I can’t belive some one looked at a slope back SeVille and thought “you know what that needs? A conti kit.”