Remember that 944 Turbo I wanted to try out? Last Friday, I had some rare free time during the infuriatingly limited hours that most small-town dealerships are actually open. I called the little podunk dealer, and they told me someone was buying the car so I shouldn't make the ~25 mile trip out to them. Ok, fine. I went and drove a 911 Targa instead.

Just in case, today I called the place with the 944 Turbo back. Sure enough, the car never sold. The guy who supposedly was making a deposit when I called last week, never actually came back with the money to make said deposit.

I've already mentioned to this dealer guy multiple times, that I would be looking at the 944 for purposes of deciding whether I like it enough to ditch the lease on my 135is. But today, I explained it again, just to make sure he understood exactly what would be involved. I've already checked with BMW about the lease transfer process, which is:

1. Find someone with similarly good credit to myself, who wants to take over my 135is lease.


2. Have that person complete a lease transfer application with BMW and pay a $500 transfer fee ($400 of which gets refunded if they're not approved).

3. Once BMW approves the lease transfer application, do a bunch of paperwork and hand the car over to the new lessee.

But this guy—who has already twice dicked around with me saying the 944 is sold when it's not—decided once I explained this process in full, that I was a waste of his time.


"I've been in the car business for 20 years and I've never seen anyone transfer a lease like that ever." Then he told me he had some advertising rep there to meet with him about something, and he didn't want to waste that guy's time, and rushed off the phone.

I understand he may be a bit frustrated with this car, because he's had a couple people try and fail to buy it. So along comes little old me saying I need to get someone else to pick up a lease on my car before I buy his car, and I could see how he'd be less than enthusiastic.

But come on dude. I've been nothing but candid with all this information, and mentioned my A-grade credit score and membership in a credit union that won't hesitate to give me a small, well-under-$10k loan. You'd think you'd try a little harder to at least figure out a time when I can test drive the damn car.