its still borked

still cant reply to most comments (every now n again it lets me have a random one... but mostly clicking on reply sends me back to the top of the page) can reply directly to posts tho... coz obviously


still wont let me star anything (or at least doesnt tell me my star took)

load more comments does nothing... show pending just dissapears itself and does nothing else when clicked

in a rare fit of genius i remembered i have a phone now... figured iā€™d try there.... does the exact same things... fuckin wierd

im a kinja cripple :(

ETA.... apparantly i cant do tags either.... tried to edit one in 3 times now... it isnt taking


eta part deux.... cant do anything at all in IE.. managed to get logged in wont even load the comments much less let me comment

cleared cache and all that jazz... no dice thanks for the suggestion tho mate :)