(update turns out we sent someone to check on her about an hour after she had a stroke... so thats fucking lucky.. her speech centre has been affected so it could be a while before she has all her words again... at the moment all she has is yes and bloody (bloody came out when served a bad cuppa... so that figures) shes got a fair chunk of recovery to go and her speech may never be quite right again... but shes not a vegetable so we’ll take it

missus will be flying over once her mum gets released from hospital to be around the house for a week or so and make sure shes ok)

mother in law was supposed to skype us today at noon

when she didnt and we couldnt get ahold of her any other way we sent over someone to go have a check on her


turns out shes had a stroke sometime either last night or this morning

she currently in the hospital awaiting ct scan results but when she was found she could only say yes.... so thats not fucking great

the missus is obviously having a hard time about it but as we arent in the same country theres fuck all we can do other than make phonecalls and get updates... wait and see.. fingers crossed


daughter doesnt know yet... so theres more drama ahead.... right in the middle of her exams too (like there is such a thing as good timing for this kinda thing)

welp heres to hoping she comes out of this ok

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