Yesterday sucked. I slipped hard into a state of depression. Had to take the day off and because my parents keep bothering me about that stupid house, I’m out of PTO.

Some rubbed salt into my wounds is the fact that the current temps are -21. It peaked -29 last night, so I wasn’t surprised that my battery is even more underpowered this morning.

If there’s anything that can make me feel a bit better, it’s that a coworker bought a $200 Interstate battery a few months ago and even his car is dead twice in a row like mine.

Weirdly, everyone with an old car but a recent battery had their cars start. All of the cars stranded at my condo complex yesterday and today were either made in the 2010s or had an old battery (my 450 and a neighbour’s beater Altima). Of course, people with garages and cars fresh off the lot also didn’t have issues. Either way, I’m having to take an Uber in this morning.


I’m ready for warmth, this snowstorm after snowstorm and now subzero cold crap is really dragging me down. Hopefully freaking everything melts on Monday. :(

Original post:


Ten vehicles and none of them can get me the five minute drive to work.


In fact, both smarts are so frozen that I can’t even close the doors. The 451's engine fired twice before the battery called it a day. When the battery finally failed the last gasp from the car was every conceivable error code it can throw up.

Only 4 people of my 15 people team made it in. The guy with the diesel Jeep Liberty didn’t even try. lol


I think the only vehicle I have that starts and can be driven is the CF Moto and it is at my mum’s house.