Hey Oppo, it's been a while, eh? Between the end of the semesters, finals and internship, I haven't been able to hang out as much as I wanted, and stripping, cleaning, reassembling, formatting and selling off my old Dell to buy a new one has kept me away for even longer. Sure, there's still mobile, but we all know how well that works. Or doesn't.

Anyways, the reason I'm computerless at the moment is because I got a sweet deal on a Dell XPS8700 Special Edition during the Black Friday; over a thousand bucks off at the Dell website. Selling off my computer gave me another grand or so to spend, practically cutting the price in half, so I went ahead and bought it. Thought it would be a good way to end one of my best recent years and by far my best college year. There's still a week or so before it arrives, so I won't be posting much until then because mobile, and because I'm still keeping a bit busy on vacation.

In other news, I bought a car:

And it's another Sedicivalvole! Got it for three thousand reais from a guy who lives just a few blocks away from my parents' place. Isn't it magnificent? I mean, if you ignore the two thrown rods, or the bottom end about to implode, or the slightly mangled bodywork and interior... Ok, I actually got it as a parts car, but I couldn't bring myself to register it as "totalled" because I wouldn't be able to re register it afterwards. No salvage titles in Brazil, kids... I'm still taking it apart for the time being and using some of the parts on my "Main" Sedici, specially the front panels, but there's a resto job on this guy's future, you can be sure of it, and it will involve carbon fiber fenders, hood, bumpers... the works.


Finally, I also have some interesting additions to share on LALD. It's been almost a year since I started my new collection with the idea of taking it slow, and it's a good opportunity to evaluate how that's turning out, but it'll have to wait until my new PC is home because postng pictures on mobile is so bad it's actually physically painful...