Welp, I'm sold

So I finally had the chance to test my snow tires coming home from my FIRST Robotics meeting. Not a lot of snow on the roads, but it's that fine, wet snow that you can skate on in your sneakers. Know what I mean?

I take the "scenic" route home, down some roads with no traffic and no cars parked in the road. Took 90 degree right turns at 30mph - absolutely no slip from any tire. Even did a panic brake scenario - again, absolutely no slip, no loss of control, no loss of confidence. I might as well have been driving on my OEM all seasons in the middle of July.

I'm well aware of the opinion of snow tires on this board, and to most of you it's a "duh" moment, but this is the first time I've used them, and as they say; seeing is believing. Well I saw, and I am an official believer now.


Next test I'll need a couple of inches of built up snow and slush and see how well it handles then.

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