So....graduated in 2011 with my BEd. and have been subbing and working 3 other jobs until now. Had an interview a few weeks ago and managed to bag myself a Term teaching position for the rest of the school year that had an anticipated start date of Feb. 5th, 2017 for a Maternity Leave.

Was there for a single-day sub job for the teacher I will be taking over for yesterday and casually find out over Recess that my Term now starts next, i.e. THIS COMING WEDNESDAY.

Feeling very stressed right now and can’t focus as I have no idea where to start planning.....haven’t planned in earnest since my last Practicum in 2011, as most sub days start with a lesson plan to base things on provided by the teacher you are subbing for, so I am very out of practice. Wish me luck and send me calming FIAT 126s o_0