Welp, it’s done, my brain jumped the shark

I spent yesterday watching some DIYs and informational videos on B7 S4s and after watching how people pull the front end apart, remove sub frames, and dismantle their engines; I thought to myself “that’s what everyone makes such a big deal about, pfff.”

I have been kicking around the idea of finding something in place of my turbo beetle. Part of me thinks that if I got the right tires, and suspension, and exhaust I’d like the car a lot more the car. The other part of me thinks I’d really enjoy a red B7 S4.


I’m coming to grips with the idea that the 996 will be hard to drive in the worst of the snowy season but also that I’m never going to enjoy the beetle unless I throw some money at the suspension, tires and and maybe an exhaust. And that’s probably not going to happen for some time as I’m still straightening things out on the 996.

And as I look around at what cars I could even reasonably afford and fill in my needs nothing jumps at me quite like a B7...

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