I can officially see cords on my tire. I knew when I bought my Charger that I'd have to replace tires pretty soon because of the terrible camber wear one of the tires had. And yesterday, I walked by my tire and saw a couple of cords. So now, I can't procrastinate anymore, otherwise I'm going to end up hurting my car.

So, now I'm off to find some coins in the couch (Hopefully quarters!!!) and pony up for a couple of tires...ugh... (Not to mention this is quite possibly the worst time for me to need to be putting money into my car.)

I had even tried scrounging around my dealership's body shop in hopes that they had a P225/60r18 but to no avail...pretty upsetting when they've got over a hundred tires stacked up and not a single one is the right size.