I’ve been meaning to take care of several things on my 335xi but haven’t gotten around to them. And by “take care of” I mean “pay my indy mechanic a reasonable fee to do them because I don’t want to.” Now I’m finally getting to them! They include:

  1. Un-bend 1 or possibly 2 of my front summer wheels (I probably should’ve stuck with 18s instead of 19s with the shitty Wisconsin roads, but they look so good)
  2. Refresh brakes - StopTech Sport pads, Pagid High Carbon rotors, StopTech stainless lines, some kind of fancy high-temp fluid
  3. Oil change
  4. Driveline fluid changes (transmission, transfer case, front & rear diffs)
  5. Coolant flush
  6. Replace the rubber windshield seal that’s chewed up a bit around the corners
  7. Maybe replace the clutch slave cylinder to fix a kinda hitch/pause in the clutch pedal
  8. Maybe replace the front passenger wheel bearing to fix a squeak coming from that corner
  9. Maybe replace the transfer case actuator worm gear with this aftermarket metal one because I have this pulsing noise that may be a symptom of the bent wheels but also possibly a worn transfer case worm gear

Yay for keeping on top of things and adding to the sizeable quantity of scanned receipts I keep in my service records archive so whenever I sell the thing I can show the prospective buyer how much stuff has gone into it.