Politics buffer image. Or just photo of Ohio’s likely next governor.

Multiple sources now calling the Ohio governor’s race for a man who is without question a domestic terrorist by every definition and measure. Whose campaign “did not coordinate” with PACs to send out threatening mailers, racist mailers, and my favorite, a mailer that claimed his opponent was a Stalin-style communist who would seize Ohioans guns and force everyone to wait in line for bread. OH WAIT, THAT MAILER WAS SENT BY THE OHIO GOP WITH THEIR NAME ALL OVER IT. AS WAS THE RACIST ONE.

You. Cannot. Make. This. Shit. Up.

When you’re too much of a shitbag to even get the endorsement of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, a rag which deleted a debate video at Kasich’s request because it was embarrassing to him?

Yeah. He’s that much of a shitbag. Hell, he’s so bad, the Plain Dealer actively called for his defeat. And they’ve gone so right-wing that nobody intelligent can stomach them. We’re talking breathless coverage of il Douche’s every single move as “pure genius” and “great for Ohio” between inane clickbait garbage posing as journalism.


This is the the guy who as Attorney General who has gone to great lengths to AVOID prosecuting anyone. But wasted more than ten million dollars of taxpayer money - almost all of which went to his personal friends - suing to overturn the ACA, after it was already obvious it was not happening.
Then he made a big deal about closing down 12 pill mills in one county, falsely claiming it was the epicenter of the entire country’s drug crisis. While falsely revoking the licenses of numerous doctors and pharmacists for the crime of working in pain management.

And those are the least shitty things he’s done.

He wants to prosecute rape victims for having abortions. He wants to prosecute people for being gay. He openly supported a nominee for the supreme court with zero judicial experience. Oh, and he will have veto power over all congressional district maps for any reason and gets to appoint a seven member commission he will sit on if he vetoes them.


And thanks to gerrymandering, Ohio does not have a governor. We have a dictator or dead duck. Because they have made it impossible for anyone to wrest control of the State House from the terrorists occupying it. It’s a one party system, period. Which means they will do just like they did with Kasich and rubber stamp everything DeWhiner tells them to.

Top of his list? Pulling Ohio out of the Medicaid expansion, allowing companies to charge whatever they want for prescriptions, banning Medicare/Medicaid from ever covering prescription drugs, drug-testing Medicare/Medicaid recipients, mandatory underpaid/unpaid labor (through a private entity) for Medicare/Medicaid recipients, and allowing insurers in Ohio to refuse to cover anything they decide is a pre-existing condition. While spreading lies, misinformation, and overt racism.

DeWine is a domestic terrorist. Somebody explain to me why we don’t deal with these the same way we deal with the rest of them.