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Welp, that was scary AF.

I’ve had a near death experience (or so I thought). This week I am helping out at the Mercer Museum with their Lego Robotics camp. I was opening one of those power function bags for a kid. Not the ones that bricks come in, but the stretchier kinds. Lego owning opponaughts can relate. For the rest of you Like this:


I was pulling it apart with one hand away, and one hand pulling towards me. It snapped open quick than I anticipated therefore flinging my hand into my abdominal region. The actual impact didn’t actually hurt that bad nor was it that forceful. But it was enough to cause some kind of reaction. Soon after I started feeling different. It progressed to the point where I was light headed, weak feeling and I couldn’t really see. I was on the edge of passing out basically. In my head I was thinking, “I’m going to pass out and die.” The instructor told me to sit down. I instantly started to feel better. I called my parents, my dad picked me up and now I’m at home. Everything seems to be okay now, just feeling tight in the abs and slight headache.

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