Seeking advice for the autopsy/repair.

So I was driving on the highway in 4th gear at 3k rpms, when it started loosing power. So I slow down to about 2,500 rpms and then it just looses all power and black/grey smoke starts coming out the back. I pull over and it stalls along the way. I try to start it again and it’s making a metallic clacking noise and it won’t run without me giving it gas, when I stop giving it gas it dies.

My first though from hearing the metallic sound (didn’t sound like rod knock) was that it was an internal engine problem (spun bearing or something.) But after thinking about it I’m thinking it could be something like fuel, clogged exhaust, etc.

I haven’t eaten lunch yet, but afterward I’m gonna pull the spark plugs to look at them and then see if the engine turns over easily. I don’t think the timing belt snapped. Because after all that it would still idle with gas.

Edit: So just tried to start it again and it’s NOT making a metallic sound. It’s more of a popping sound like a small backfire. So I guess the timing belt jumped. I’ll investigate more after lunch.