Welp, the Engine is (probably) Coming Out

RIP bank account. Hello Southwest companion passes.

I noticed a bit of coolant on my garage floor a week or two ago. My basic yearly service was due anyways so I decided to take the car into shop so they could find the leak while they had the car in the air. It seemed like a very water-pump like location but figured (hoped) it was a loose hose connection. Well, the shop just called, it is definitely the water-pump. It looks like the engine has to come out early. I could probably wait the extra year and pray but it doesn’t seem worth the risk to me. I’m going to sleep on it and call my mechanic tomorrow to discuss the options.

I have an emergency car fund for a reason. I’m not super excited I have to use it, but I’m happy it is there. Oh well, shit happens.


Pictures for your time:

Made a friend while out for a drive
She’s apparently not housebroken

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