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Welp, there's your problem.

Front master cylinder on the left, rear master cylinder on the right. 11mm gap on the left, 7mm gap on the left. That’s too much rear bias.

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We experimented with adjusting the brake bias at the 3rd race of the season last year. At the time, a mounting bracket forward of the front bulkhead that the pushrods go through did not have adequate space from side-to side. That lead to a misunderstanding on my part, thinking that the brake bias dial in the cockpit had limited range. We had expert friends help us grind away the mounting bracket and they fiddled with a few things that I don’t really understand. It helped the bias some but not totally. I dealt with driving a car with too much rear bias for the rest of the season.

After closer inspection of the bias system today, it’s clear that the cockpit knob can indeed move the bias bar the full range, so that either clevis is touching the brake pedal. So it would have been entirely possible for me to move the brake bias forward on the warm up laps, after realizing that the track was becoming extremely slippery.

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