If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Went and drove that Focus wagon.

The guy made it pretty clear that he wasn't interested in trades and said he valued Bullmobile @ $600.

The car had clearly hit something. The hood was messed up, the bumper cover was cracked, a radiator mount was damaged and there were clearly some junkyard parts in the engine bay. The rear driver door works occasionally.


There was so much slop in the shifter that I wiggled it side to side and thought it was out of gear. When I started it and tried to take my foot off the clutch it wanted to jump. I was in third. The shifter was really vague it took me a couple tries to get it into first.

The rear subframe appeared to be rusted into one single unit. I'm pretty sure the shocks were the ones it left the factory with and were in need of replacing.

There was not much room in the back. I think my children would be quite crowded in the back. My wife and I are both ~6'


It was ok to drive. It rattled over the rough streets and idled so rough the steering wheel bounced at stop lights. I managed to not stall it even though I haven't driven a standard for over a year.

All in all it is a no go for this wagon and probably the entire Focus family due to size issues.

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